Ankara Bar Association



Ankara Univercity Faculty Of Law (1997)


Mr. Ibrahim ALPAY

Founder Partner

Mr. Ibrahim ALPAY is the founder of A&Y Law Firm. He graduated from the School of Law of Ankara University in 1997. After graduation, he has commenced to LLM program at European Union Law in Ankara University Social Sciences Institute, and has concurrently worked as research assistant in Abant İzzet Baysal University. Then, he started to practice law in Ankara in 1999, and has worked for an internationally recognized law firm in Ankara for ten years. Finally, he found his law firm in 2009. He speaks Turkish and English, and he is a member of the Ankara Bar Association. He has licenses of Mark and Patent Attorney.

His service focuses on fields of law those are required in business activities, including but not limited to commercial, corporate, IP, real estate and contract laws. He acts as advisor to individuals and corporations, in addition to which he represents and assists his clients in negotiations and disputes in various instances. He has a strong practice in civil and commercial litigation, representing his clients at any level of the Turkish judiciary system.